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Explore our range of wall mural possibilities with our PrintingPro experts. We can transform your space from boring and predictable to dynamic and attractive.

You can bring your own image - a stunning photograph, an abstract design, a great sporting image, a painting - or you can chat with our graphic design team about your idea, and watch them bring it to life. Our team can also help you understand what will work best in your space to create the atmosphere you want and to achieve your goals.

Our murals are made to size, and professionally painted or installed.

Custom Wall Murals

At PrintingPro, we have experts in every field: graphic designers, sign writers, paint work experts and installation experts. Between them, they have many years of experience in creating murals to exact client briefs. We can bring your dream of a custom mural to life, and we are condifent you will enjoy the creative experience.

Mural Wallpaper

We understand what it takes to create a stunning Mural Wallpaper. There are many aspects to consider, from the choice of colours and how to positon them, to the design components themselves, and the best adhesives to ensure you have a beautiful and lasting wall. No detail is insignificant, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that everything is of the highest quality. . Our wallpaper is not only beautiful, but cost effective. If needed, it is easily removed without damaging the surface underneath.

Mural Painting

A hand-painted mural is unique, a 'one-off' that reflects you as an individual. We collaborate with you on every detail to ensure the finished artwork is exactly as you want it and fits your space perfectly.

In a crowded environment filled with technology marketing, a beautiful painted mural really makes a statement, and allows you to differentiate the quality of your business.

Painted Mural Benefits:

Large Wall Murals

If your space is large, a building exterior, a public indoor space (gym, hall, foyer), or you need a floor to ceiling mural, our team is expert in the specialist design and techniques required for large-space murals. We can walk you through the options as well as provide obligation free quotes. 

Street Art Murals

You've probably seen some of the great street art now used on government and council installations. It is characterful and appealing. Now, the same concept can be available for your business. Explore the quirky and beautiful concepts available, and let us help you create your own unique street art for your building.

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