Light Boxes

Beautiful light boxes attract attention, and are useful in multiple indoor and outdoor situations. We have selected our high-quality light boxes for their clear, even light and varied lighting options, such as back-lit and edge-lit. This makes the displayed material easy to read, with a compelling, highly professional look that attracts the customer's attention. They come in many sizes, including slim-line boxes, which are very practical. Our high-quality light boxes can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Light Box Sizes

We can provide a light box of an appropriate size to suit your needs, however, we do recommend that you consider slim-line lightboxes due to their versatility. Custom-built light boxes can be as small as a shoe box, but can also extend to be mounted on large pylons.

Purpose and use of Lightboxes

Lightboxes are appropriate signage for any business with a physical presence, or that can benefit from the notice of passing foot of vehicular traffic. Companies using them report that they create a highly professional impression and attract attention in a more compelling way than normal signage.

Double-Sided Light Boxes

Double sided light boxes maximise your exposure to passing foot traffic or browsers in your premises. If you can position your light box so the traffic passes underneath in each direction, it makes good business sense to capitalise by using a double-sided display. This clever technique makes your signage significantly more visibile than signage installed against a wall.

Light Box Sign Installation

Only qualified electricians install your PrintingPro signage. We can also engage the right professionals to tailor electrical components to meet your needs. They are fully qualified to handle any internal wiring that might be required, and can also install optional timers for out-of-office hours illumination.

Lightbox FAQ

Q. Can design changes be implemented after a lightbox is built?
A. Yes – Lightboxes can be further customised after building by swapping the front facia.

Q. Are lightboxes always square or rectangular in shape?
A. No – Shape and size can be customised to your requirements or creative purpose.

Q. How much electricity does a light box use?
A. LED and fluro technology is keeping pace with demands for lower electricity consumption, so the impact on your power bills will not be excessive. Optional timers also help to conserve power by turning the light box off during the hours of least traffic.

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