Billboards have become popular because they are an effective way of communicating with thousands of people on a daily basis. A good billboard attracts people to your brand when their minds are receptive (i.e., driving and open to new and interesting sights).

Premium quality billboard skins are just the beginning. Large format technology enables us to produce stunning quality at the size required, using materials and structures that will withstand adverse weather conditions. We also know that time is of the essence once you sign for a location, so we ensure fast turn-around and installation time to maximise your investment.

We offer a complete service, from concept and design to final production and installation.

Billboards: An Effective Advertising Strategy

While a great billboard is a powerful advertising strategy for your business, a poor-quality billboard can do a great deal of damage, as it can create an immediate impression of a poor-quality business. PrintingPro's consulting and design service, along with our high-quality production and installation will help ensure you maximise the impact of your billboard.

We can help you design a billboard to meet your business strategy and your budget. An effective billboard strategy enables you to position beside the largest and most trusted brands in the market, giving you an edge over many of your competitors.

24/7 Advertising

Some marketing strategies, such as radio, TV or print media advertising, are seen or heard for only a fleeting time. Billboards, on the other hand, remain in position for lengthy periods of time, and can be seen at any hour of the day or night. You also benefit from repeated exposure as people travel the same route or walk the same streets.

Billboard Advertising: High Exposure Marketing

Well-located billboards catch the eye of people who might never see your television or newspaper ad, or hear your radio ad. They capture attention when people's minds can be receptive and 'neutral'.

Maximising Your Billboard Presence

We can advise you on the most durable and weather-resistant billboard products to ensure that your billboard marketing reflects your high-quality brand, services and products.

You need to ensure that your message is instantly recognisable, and that you communicate it in as few words as possible. Text needs to be large and bold, and the message very short, backed up by memorable visuals. Contrasting colours also help embed the message in the viewer's mind. We can assist you with design and messaging to ensure maximum impact.

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