Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards are subtlely classic and sophisticated, and they communicate a special style. If your business is equally special, you'll want to consider this special style. Embossing is achieved by a process that pushes the images and text from the rear of the card. This creates a raised surface on the face of the card.

Fast Fact

There are two processes that create 'raised' printing. Raised printing can be applied to the front of the card, so the rear remains smooth; whereas the embossing process leaves an impression on the other side of the embossed area.

PrintingPro Tip

Yet another technique is Debossing. This process presses the text or images on the front, rather than from the back of the card. Debossed is a cheaper alternative to letterpress printing, but it provides a striking effect that is a little like engraved printing.

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