Digital Display Signs

Digital Displays have forever changed visual marketing. There is certainly still a place for static posters, banners, and other physical marketing material, but digital display means that your visual marketing takes on a new agility and flexibility that was impossible previously. You can use the same 'visual real estate' to market to different demographics with different solutions, all on the same day. With a rotating style slider on a digital display, you can customise your marketing, change the mix, add, subtract and modify as you need.

High-Quality Digital Displays

Today's viewers demand the best in high-definition digital displays. Given that these will likely be running 24/7, only the best panels should be used. We have tested hundreds of panels, and can provide you with sound reasons for our recommendations.

Immersive Video Walls

Digital Display signs can be made up of a single screen, or can combine 9 or more panels laced together. This can create the ultimate immersive experience. A video wall (iWall) is the latest trend in digital signage. It is used by many of Australia's largest and most iconic brands. We can assist you with advice and design services that suit your budget.

Digital Window Displays

Digital window displays answer the public's appetite for fast-moving, entertaining visual content, and when done well, have an appeal beyond that of static printed marketing displays. Digital window displays are 'content-hungry', so you may need expert advice to develop an attention-grabbing mis of advertising and other material designed to appeal to your audience. PrintingPro can help direct you.

Real Estate Displays

Digital displays are gradually becoming the go-to solution for Real Estate window displays. They are enticing and have proven very successful in persuading the viewer to action. We can help both Real Estate Agencies and other retailers develop the best Digital Display Sign solution.

Digital Display Signs: a Powerful Marketing Tool

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