A-Frame Signs

At PrintingPro, we have paper stocks available for short print runs, so no minimum quantities are required for letterhead printing. We also offer daily print runs on most stocks to enable a fast turnaround.

A-Frame signs target passers-by who might otherwise not notice your business. You can customise them to advertise promotions, or keep them generic to advertise business hours or general information. We can advise you as to how best to customise your A-Frame sign for your purposes.

We ensure that the materials we use make your A-Frames portable and durable. They are an important part of every on-site marketing strategy.

A-frame signs can be easily folded away and stored in your premises after hours, and can be placed in high visibility areas during trading hours, taking advantage of the space available.

Businesses generally choose from one of these sizes:

Your A-Frame sign is highly effective when customised with full-colour graphics on one or both sides, and we can add interchangeable slide-in faces, blackboards or whitebords for daily content changes. This is highly effective on-the-spot marketing.

A Frame Signs: the effective on-the-spot marketing tool.

A-Frame signs are effective wherever you want to catch the attention of passers-by. Shopping districts, strips or precincts offer a great opportunity for creative and eye-catching A-Frame signs. Based on our extensive experience, we can advise you on the best design and even suggest the kind of content that works best.

Your A-Frame sign is like having one of your staff standing on the street to welcome customers. It can be a compelling invitation to enter your store, café or office. Many businesses have reported that they have attracted significant numbers of new customers from their use of an A-Frame sign.

Design Concepts to Consider

An A-Frame sign needs to have content (either the same or different) on both sides, so its impact is equally powerful in either direction. In addition, the design should be such that occupants of passing cars and see and understand a message quickly and easily. This means that the sign itself should be large enough to accommodate printing of a size that can be seen from a distance.

Applications of A-Frame Signs

An A-Frame sign does not need to be a static brand statement; with our addition of black/white board sections or slide-in segments, it can also be used to promote daily specials, upcoming events and new products. This can help raise public awareness of the range of services you provide.

A-Frame Benefits

A-Frames target customers where they can make an immediate decision to explore your business, without any forward planning being required. Businesses such as cafés, beauty salons, retail stores, boutiques or restaurants can enjoy immediate benefits from this kind of marketing.

We will work with you to ensure that your sign is as noticeable and dramatic as possible, and will therefore attract a maximum amount of attention and response.

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