Building Signage

If you own your building or have signage rights, you have an opportunity to showcase your brand with quality building signage. We can help you choose from a large range of options, including 3D lettering, sign skins, illuminated signs and more.

Building Signs, like billboards, are a great way to capture the attention of passers-by, commuters and drivers, at any hour of the day or night. Building signs have the added advantage that they help to identify your location for future reference.

Custom Building Signs

It's well known that iconic building signs become landmarks in the community, and people navigate by them. This is a powerful and subliminal form of marketing, as your company becomes part of the city landscape.

Whatever the size of your building presmises, we can help you maximise the space for signage, branding and information so it can be seen by a maximum number of people.

Signs for smaller buildings can be designed to have a large impact, and we are specialists in helping to maximise the use of available building space, using the right colours, effects and finishes.

Using Office Building Signs to Enhance Awareness

A building sign needs to capture the attention of relevant potential customers, so we help you design a sign that reflects your unique business identity. The signage will include your logo, colour and carefully-designed information to ensure the viewer understands what your business does, and how that can be valuable to him/her as a customer.

Our service includes a site inspection, so we can help you design exactly the right signage for your building. We can also help you work with the local council to obtain the necessary permissions.

3D Letter Building Signs

Custom-fabricated 3D letter signs add extra impact to building signs. They feel 'alive', and their visual impact changes according to the time of day and direction of the light.

3D letter signs can also be illuminated for extra visual appeal and 24-hour advertising. They can be built to suit a variety of sizes and budgets, so small businesses can also benefit from this exposure.

We have expert consultants who can help you with your building signage, so you get it right - first time.

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