Swing Tags

In the retail environment, the use of Swing Tags is a highly effective way to reinforce your brand, and give a stylish and upmarket feel to the product. In the fashion world, for example, they are an integral part of brand communication. Swing tags can also be used for special occasions such as wedding gifts, or give-aways at business functions.

Choose from a wide variety of paper stocks and finishes. Finish, size and features can be customised to suit your design, and at PrintingPro, we are happy to accommodate small print runs.

Fast Fact

You can add a range of beautiful finishing, such as Foil, Spot UV, Embossed, Raised, Laser Cutting and Letterpress Printing to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Note: Swing tag holes can be drilled anywhere on the tag, so they don't interfere with the design.

Swing Tag Strings are available separately, and we can offer a great range of strings and ribbons to suit the style of your swing tag.

PrintingPro Tip

As a variant on the swing tags, we can custom-make earring tags or neck tags.

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