There are two main types of stickers. Indoor and Outdoor; and we print both!

Outdoor stickers are generally printed on vinyl, the type of vinyl depends on the final use and how long they need to last. Polymeric, monomeric, clear, high-tac adhesive, re-positionable, removable, and one-way vision are just some of the options.

Indoor stickers are printed on paper or synthetic stocks, again, the type depends on the final use. They can be gloss, matt or satin finish. Textured paper, recycled-look kraft paper, removable or permanent adhesive. Other considerations; freezer safe, water proof, tamper evident, oil resistant and more… We can print on them in full colour, specialist spot colours (including metallic and neon inks) and hot foil stamping. The adhesive can even be on just a part of the sticker, like a post-it note!

You can have any shape you like but squares, rectangles and circles are the cost effective ones.

To Laminate or not to Laminate?

When a vinyl or paper sticker is laminated, it is just like laminating a school text book. A thin layer of very sturdy clear plastic is applied over the printed surface of the sticker. Laminating increases the durability of a sticker, and also gives it a different finish. Ask us to quote for your laminated stickers in your preferred size – this is recommended for bumper stickers especially!

We can also die cut to almost any shape

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