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PrintingPro's custom cut car wraps convert your vehicle into a premium mobile marketing machine. We create and install fully customised vehicle wraps, using the best materials for lasting quality and great visual impact. We can wrap almost any vehicle, including trailers, boats, jet skis, motorbikes.

A car wrap means that your marketing message is visbile whether your vehicale is moving or stationery, and in multiple locations on any given day. PrintingPro experts can help you ensure that your message is noticeable and distinctive, and has powerful recall.

PrintingPro offers a comprehensive car wrap service:

Car Signage: Marketing on the Move

Car wraps are hi-tech vinyl coverings that are directly adhered to a car or any other vehicle. They are so precisely wrapped that people generally mistake a car wrap for a painted effect. You will sometimes hear this technique referred to as "auto wrap" or "vehicle wrap." It is not only used for vehicle advertisements and promotions, but also for fleet livery. The advantage of vehicle wraping is that the paintwork of the vehicle itself is not impacted, as it can be when a vehicle has been painted directly. This means that wrapping does not have a negative impact on resale value. Also, signage can be changed by peeling off the wrap and replacing it.

Application of vehicle decals and wraps

At PrintingPro, Brisbane, our specialist vehicle sign writers can work with you to design great high-quality car wraps that that will be noticed. Car wraps and decals can be applied to any area of a vehicle: rear window, front, sides, back and even the roof. We happily work with private individuals who want to personalise their cars, as well as commercial and fleet vehicles for branding, marketing and awareness. Your vehicle can become your mobile bill-board. This can be highly effective and affordable local marketing.

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle grahics are now a standard part of many marketing plans, given their ability to attract the attention of thousands of people in multiple locations every day. PrintingPro can help you maximise the effectiveness of this powerful marketing canvas by creating colourful, attractive graphics that make people want to take a second look. Even traffic jams become a marketing opportunity, when bored motorists can dwell on your messaging.

It's not possible to have a marketing sign everywhere, but anywhere it's possioble to park your wrapped car becomes another marketing opportunity. This not only includes leisure events such as concerts and sporting events, but also trade shows, city and airport carparks and the local shopping centre.

Custom car signage is truly the promotional material you can use anywhere at any time for minimal cost.

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