Persuasion Techniques of Colour in Logo Design

“It’s green.”

“No, it’s blue.”

“Are you colour blind?”

If you’ve ever participated in that kind of conversation, you’ll know that colour is indeed in the eye – and the brain – of the beholder. We all see colours differently.

But having said that, at DSD, we take colour very seriously. It’s integral to excellent logo design. This is because, regardless of variations in individual perceptions, the colours you choose for your brand and logo will give customers subliminal messages about you, your style, personality and service. And there are general colour principles that have been proven to be correct for the majority of the population, that really help to shape people’s perceptions.

Let’s consider how advertisers use colour to help persuade people to buy their product. Similar principles can be applied to your choice of logo and website colours – and even décor colours for your premises.

Your brand – in other words, your logo design and all the material that flows from that – automatically sends messages about your image, and the feeling of interacting with you. This is your brand personality, and it’s the context in which you need to choose your logo colours for maximum impact.

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