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We do all promotional material printing including flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, cards, postcards, brochures and posters. We offer competitive pricing, great service, and we can even help with your design. Our popular sizes and specs are below – feel free to contact us for a custom quote!

Flyers, Cards, Leaflets, Postcards, Brochures and Posters

Get your message out there in a big way and take advantage of our great full colour prices. Consider the full range of options:

Flyer Printing

Flyers can be used for price lists, menus, event ads, promotions, product guides, newsletters and more…

Leaflet Printing

Leaflets can be used for brand and product promotions, they are used to inform and persuade. Leaflets are larger than flyers and can therefore provide more useful content and create an opportunity for great visual marketing. Leaflets are also very easy to distribute whether it be a letterbox drop, at a sales table, an external ‘help yourself’ box or handed out by person.

Postcard Printing

Postcards can be a very innovative way to market a product, an idea or a service. They can be used to advertise a special offer, used as an invitation, to inform residents about a house sale in their area, to encourage people to visit a website – or as a giant business card! PrintingPro are postcard printing experts, let us know about your idea and we will turn it into a fantastic marketing postcard for you!

So, want to know more about ‘finishing’?



Trimming single or multiple sheets of paper. This ensures precise cutting, which is important if you have numerous items on a page, for example gift vouchers.


You can bind single sheets of paper together to make books or smaller booklets. Common binding methods include ‘saddle-stitch’, ‘perfect’, and the ‘burst-bound’ technique.

Folding (A7 – A1)

Our precise folding helps with transporting and presenting finished print items. A folding service can save you a lot of time for things like brochures that you would need to fold by hand.


The laminating process coats print products in a clear plastic layer. Laminating protects and looks great. It is suitable for small cards as well as large posters, workplace notices, diagrams and maps. It can be gloss or matt.

Creasing or Scoring

Creasing adds a line of indentation so you can fold printed products much more easily.


This involves a blade that is shaped and mounted, and then pressed firmly onto the stock to make perforations, unique shapes, or creases.


This is a line of tiny holes that allows tearing and folding.


Padding is when you print 2D images onto a 3D object. Some examples include the numbers printed on a TV remote control, or letters printed onto a keyboard.


Gluing helps protect certain printed products.

Spot UV

Certain spots have a shiny varnish applied.


This involves foil being printed onto products in order to create a shiny metallic effect and unique graphics.


Gumming is usually used for notepads instead of gluing.


This makes holes of a certain size in print materials so they can be bound, or string holes on tags, etc.

Round Cornering

Some people prefer the aesthetic of round corners.


Embossing is when images and/or design features are raised so that they stand out and above the normal surface level of the paper. This can add elegance, sophistication and professionalism.

Shrink Wrapping

This involves a layer of plastic being applied to your print products and shrunk tightly. This helps protect your printing and keeps it fresh for presentation.


We can collate and order various print products prior to dispatch for you.


Mounting adds a layer of class to things like posters that can be mounted on Corflute, Foamcore, Screenboard, or Gatorfoam.


This can be important to identify different print materials.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is a popular way to bind books and smaller booklets. With this method, saddle wire is used for sheets that are folded and stapled.

Die Cutting / Punching

Die-cutting allows you to make copies of the same shape using a custom shaped blade. It works in much the same way as a cookie cutter.

Burst Binding

Burst binding is when each section is perforated along the spine and adhesive glue is used.

Perfect Binding

This is a cost-effective binding option that uses adhesive. It basically glues the binding edges and cover together.

PUR Binding

This involves a polyurethane adhesive that is reactive. The main benefit of PUR binding is such that you can lay your bound item flat without it springing closed.

Section Sewing

With Section Sewing you can bind materials using thread. It doesn’t use adhesives.

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