Complex and creative printing services

These are the projects we love the most – the complex, intricate, cutting edge and creative printing jobs that create a masterpiece at the end! Specialty printing processes can really make your products stand out if your budget allows.

Duplex and triplex cards

Another type of speciality printing is duplex and triplex cards. To achieve the deluxe thick super thick business cards, we glue two or three layers of cardstock together. Your options here include all layers of the same colour, a different colour in the middle layer, or even three different colours! Your business card will really stand out from the crowd!

Complex and Creative Specialty Printing Processes

There are a number of another complex, creative specialty printing processes that can really add that next level wow-factor or luxurious look and feel.

Hot stamp foiling - Foiling comes in a wide range of colours and lifts your products to the next level. Apply to your logo, text or design, this process adds shine and bling to your products. The temperature sensitive foil is hot stamped onto your products with your custom made stamp.

Coloured scodix - Scodix printing adds a raised ink look and feel by printing on top of the image once the printing and laminating process has been completed. You can add it anywhere on your business cards – to highlight a logo, name or even create a background pattern!

Specialty laminates - The range of laminate options has expanded greatly in the past few years means you can now choose from soft touch (new velvet), anti scratch matt, rough touch matt, as well as the original gloss and matt laminates.

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