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We love printing books and we love the challenge of printing something unique and special! We do them very well, with fair prices, excellent quality and fast turnaround. Our books are perfect for property developments, recipe books, portfolio displays, and short runs of perfect bound books. We print all book styles and sizes. Enquire now for a quote now, we will be back to you VERY soon!

Printing a beautiful book is such a great chance to shine!

First of all, printing a book is such a customised process! Each book needs to meet the needs of customer – so a book for a brand new apartment complex on the water edge at the Gold Coast might need deluxe paper and coverboard, texture and foil, and sized to impress, however recipe books might need easy to turn pages, print big enough to read whilst you’re cooking, and big, beautiful images of how your dinner is about to look!

Are you looking to self publish your work as a short run of perfect bound books? We can help you with your projects: we have a number of graphic designers we work with who would be able to turn your work into a masterpiece!

There are a few steps involved in self publishing with us.

First things first, is your manuscript finished? Strange as it sounds, it does make it easier to print if it’s all ready to go!

Editing and Proofreading

Have you had an editor read your work, offer feedback and then you’ve done another write through? If not, we can put you in touch with our preferred editorial and proofreading staff. Proofreading is a particularly good idea, as printers will not proof read your work for you. The last thing you want is typos in your otherwise perfect book!

Layout and Typesetting

Does your book need layout and typesetting? Even if you’re only planning on publishing as an ebook, we can help. We have a number of graphic designers on our team that can help you with design.

Cover Art

Cover artwork is another thing our graphic designers can help you with – professional artwork is essential for a hard copy edition or for an ebook cover image. Our designers can also supply you with a range of appropriately sized social media images for when you do your marketing.

Final Details

Once you’re ready to print, we can talk about the size of the book you’d like, hardback or paperback, the type of binding, and any special effects such as spot varnish or foils.

We can help you with the ISBNs and barcodes (which you’ll definitely need if you want to sell your book), and ensuring your book is included in book catalogues used by book stores and libraries to purchase their stock.

We can also help with the printing of marketing and promotional materials – posters, pull up banners, flyers, postcards, bookmarks, and novelty items like keyrings, pens, or lanyards.

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